Big Data & Beyond

Big Data & Beyond


Big Data & Beyond

The Trust Gap

October 2016
Even though they’ve amassed a wealth of consumer data, many companies have a poor understanding of consumers’ attitudes toward data use.
June 2016
Data misuse represents a previously hidden obstacle to unleashing the trillion-dollar opportunity of big data.
October 2016
Many companies don’t understand how consumers perceive new uses of data. In this slideshow, we explore the high cost of not taking these feelings into account.
April 2015
Businesses are leveraging big data to gain meaningful insights into consumer behavior. BCG and DLA Piper examine the regulatory issues and legal risks involved.

Enabling Big Data

September 2016
Moving from a data warehouse to a data lake was a radical change that challenged processes, technology, and company culture. But the benefits have been significant and numerous.
September 2016
Data lakes are inviting. Nimble and flexible, they can optimize big data. To use them well, organizations must understand their strengths and limitations and implement them wisely.
June 2015
Companies can get their big data house in order by adopting a systematic approach to total data quality management.

Strategy & Transformation

July 2016
How to tap into new sources of power and knowledge by upgrading your analytics arsenal and leading the change in behavior that you expect of your people.
October 2015
Powered by exponential forces, digital disruption requires executives to make the most of today’s contests while positioning themselves to win tomorrow’s.
March 2016
A panel of leaders from the digital frontier discuss the need for education reform and the changing nature of work as automation eliminates routine jobs.
March 2014
Companies in information-rich industries are generating entirely new revenue streams, business units, and standalone businesses out of the data they hold.

Industry Spotlights

July 2016
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced analytics offer asset managers a significant information advantage over peers who rely on more-traditional techniques.

Making Big Data Work

November 2015
Biopharma companies that make the most of big data combine strategic foresight, adaptive experimentation, and excellent execution.
November 2015
In at least four areas, focused and coordinated big-data programs can lead to substantial value for banks in the form of increased revenues and bigger profits.
January 2015
Big data and advanced analytics represent the next frontier of supply chain innovation. Three areas offer high potential.
September 2014
Big data and advanced analytics provide a truly value-oriented way to understand health. Three high-potential opportunities in particular could measurably improve outcomes.
July 2014
It can be hard to tell how retail energy providers can fuel growth with big data right away. Here are three tactics to consider.
June 2014
Big data can explain the who, what, when, where, why, and how of retailing. Which projects are a flash in the pan, and which will fuel growth? We see three opportunities for retailers to generate a significant increase in revenues and profits in the near term.

Digital Infrastructure

Advanced Analytics