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April 2015
The first generation of autonomous vehicles is coming soon to a highway near you. Is the automotive industry ready for a revolution?
July 2014
Three trends—the increasing complexity of cars, the growing role of nontraditional players, and the rising influence of connectivity—will reshape the European automotive aftermarket.
August 2014
The “IP truce” declared by Tesla Motors surprised many. BCG's IP strategic-intent framework illuminates the move and helps other companies chart smarter IP strategies.
January 2014
In 2015, we expect some 60 percent of new cars to be “connected”—just one of the developments marking a new era of automotive innovation.

Editor's Choice

September 2014
As the Chinese auto market enters a new phase, domestic and foreign automakers will have to work hard to secure the loyalty of current customers.
August 2014
The automotive industry is bouncing back impressively from the financial crisis. But to sustain the comeback, companies need global scale, innovative products, and stable finances.
September 2014
IT sourcing hasn’t had the greatest track record. The automotive industry, on the other hand, has had much success, thanks to four strategies that IT, too, can leverage.


March 2015
Auto suppliers are under pressure to open more factories close to their customers’ assembly plants—and, simultaneously, to cut costs. These conflicting demands pose an industry-wide challenge.
August 2014
Manufacturing cost structures around the world have changed so dramatically in a decade that many old perceptions of low-cost and high-cost nations no longer hold.
January 2014
As the challenges intensify, European automotive suppliers need a strategic approach to risk assessment, restructuring, and growth. Their survival may depend on it.
June 2013
Integrating suppliers into a lean production system can reduce inventories and diminish scrap and rework. It can also be a first step toward a strategic partnership.
Alternative-Fuel Landscape
June 2014
BCG examines the benefits and shortcomings of the emerging niche market for compressed-natural-gas vehicles in the U.S.
October 2013
With legislation and incentives in place, the effort to replace hydrocarbon-based transportation fuels and greenhouse gases with renewable biofuels and natural gas is under way.
From the Archive
July 2012

Business-to-business companies too often neglect active pricing of the “long tail”—products that represent little revenue individually but significant margins collectively. 

February 2012
In many industry sectors, the BRIC nations—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—are perceived as the markets of the future. In the truck industry, that future is already a reality.