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January 2012
In this podcast, BCG’s Harold L. Sirkin discusses how rising labor costs in China are sparking a manufacturing comeback for the U.S.
July 2011

In this podcast, BCG Fellow Yves Morieux explains why the simplest solutions are often the most effective.

January 2012
Mike Capone, CIO of ADP, discusses the critical role IT plays in his company and steps he has taken to maximize IT's contribution.
January 2011

In this podcast, BCG Fellow Luc de Brabandere talks about strategies today’s executives need in order to run tomorrow’s market-leading companies.

September 2011

In a podcast, BCG Fellow Roselinde Torres explains how leaders today need a different set of skills than those required of their recent predecessors.

September 2010

Jeff Keisling, CIO of Pfizer, discusses the challenges in bringing together Pfizer and Wyeth, building an IT team after the merger, and developing the solutions for today’s business imperatives.

Time-Based Competition
July 2010

More than two decades ago, BCG’s George Stalk predicted that time could become the most powerful competitive weapon and management tool for U.S. companies. It turns out that he was right.

In Bruce’s Words
January 1968
Price and cost data show that, across industries, costs decline by a characteristic amount—about 20 to 30 percent—each time accumulated experience is doubled.
January 1970
Only a diversified company with a balanced portfolio—of stars, cash cows, and question marks—can capitalize on growth opportunities.
January 1970
If all firms used the same criteria for investments, low-cost firms would always expand capacity first and other firms never would. Yet that's not how the market works.
January 1972
Listen to Bruce Henderson's insights on avoiding cash traps—products that will absorb more money in required investment than they will ever generate in revenues.
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