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Please make your respondents measures public. The given financial measures are not useful to detect innovative capacity.

  • - Daniel
  • 18, Apr 2013 04:28 AM


  • - ay0610
  • 29, Mar 2013 06:30 AM

Just curious what is the innovation index for Pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies?

  • - Priya
  • 08, Mar 2013 09:47 AM

Interesting read but I struggle to understand the absolute effectiveness of this ranking namely on two grounds: 1. Its unfair to group firms in different industries together. R&D investments are much bigger and gestation period is much longer in Automotive, Pharma etc than say a bunch of engineers creating a swipe to unlock/new kind of mobile app to satiate ones social appetite. Patent generation is hence much faster in technology than other capital intensive industries. 2. Though shareholder returns and patents generated are a good measure of attempts at innovation, however we need to apply an industry discount which I see missing in the report. The top 3-5 firms in each industry should be measured relative to each other since that gives a good indication of how well they perform in innovation relative to each other.

  • - dsapre
  • 16, Feb 2013 11:02 PM

I wonder wher chemicals fall under? Industrial Products and Processes or energy?

  • - nora
  • 04, Feb 2013 11:02 PM