Adaptive Strategy

Adaptive Strategy


Adaptive Strategy

BCG Fellow Philip Evans on technology's potential to reshape industries.
Winning in Turbulent Times
December 2013
To generate sustained growth in today’s environment, companies must transform their businesses preemptively, not defensively.
October 2013
Many corporate transformation efforts fail to deliver lasting competitive advantage. BCG has identified the factors that lead to successful transformations—and the common traps that characterize failures.
New Sources of Advantage
October 2013
Public Sector
January 2013
Is government strategy dead? Far from it. But governments need to vary their style of strategy according to the challenges they face.
May 2012
Rather than abandon strategy, governments need to learn from the failure of earlier approaches. Adaptive strategy offers a chance to rehabilitate this vital discipline.
April 2012
A BCG study explores the traits and practices that strongly differentiate top-tier from average teams.
September 2011

In a podcast, BCG Fellow Roselinde Torres explains how leaders today need a different set of skills than those required of their recent predecessors.

Adaptive Strategy: The Series

August 2011
In today’s uncertain and changeable world, competitive advantage increasingly depends on agility. Explore BCG’s thinking on adaptive advantage as featured in Harvard Business Review.
June 2011
Multicompany business systems extend the adaptive potential of individual companies, enabling them to leapfrog the experience curve and become market leaders in record time.
December 2010
In an environment of uncertainty, adaptive leaders create the conditions that enable networks to achieve common goals.
August 2010

A growing number of adaptive competitors are using an array of new approaches and technologies to expand the scope and impact of experimentation in their business.

June 2010

The interdependence between business and society magnifies strategic risks and opportunities—and calls for new approaches.

March 2010

An adaptive strategy requires an adaptive organization—one in which there is empowerment and no bias toward consensus and obedience.

February 2010

The ability to rapidly capture, interpret, and act upon signals gleaned from increasingly rich and dynamic data is a prerequisite in today’s business environment.