by The Boston Consulting Group



March 2017
Stunning upsets show how easily data can lead us astray. Four lessons can help business leaders take advantage of the analytical strengths of both humans and machines.
February 2016
Understanding the principles that confer robustness in complex systems—such as tropical forests, stock markets, and even companies—can mean the difference between survival and extinction.
May 2016
As incumbents in the auto industry and in many others know, it's hard to respond to new rivals that have new business models and to run your business at the same time.

Emerging Markets

March 2017
India is poised to become the third-largest consumer economy by 2025. But behind the growth headlines is an important story of shifting shopping behaviors and spending patterns.
March 2017
The pricing methods that multinational corporations use at home don’t work well abroad, so these companies must find a new way to price effectively in emerging markets.
June 2016
The economies of emerging markets may have paused, but their strongest companies have not. The global challengers are doing just fine.
February 2016
Many multinationals need to undertake a fundamental transformation in emerging markets. By starting with one local operation, they can develop a robust methodology for subsequent rollouts.
Software Development
Social Impact
March 2017
Agile methodologies are paying big dividends for companies. DevOps is a complementary set of practices that can boost returns still more.
March 2017
The three areas of administrative inefficiency outlined here—and ideas for addressing them—can provide a basis for ongoing dialogue among donors and NGOs.
October 2016
To achieve breakthrough growth, companies need to make bold and disruptive moves and manage their existing businesses for productivity and growth.
July 2016
BCG research revealed distinct differences between organizations that innovate successfully and those that struggle to make progress. Seven guidelines provide a way forward.


March 2017
Shale operators must do what is necessary to negotiate today’s highly challenging environment while positioning themselves for tomorrow.
January 2017
Digital forces are deconstructing commodity trading’s value chain—and, in the process, changing what it takes for traders to succeed.
November 2016
The trend toward hyperliquidity in commodity markets is creating an environment increasingly removed from commodity traders’ comfort zone.


March 2017
At a time of unprecedented exposure, organizations that integrate cybersecurity into their culture and strategic planning will be the most resilient.
January 2017
Because no organization’s cyberdefenses are 100% impenetrable, companies need to develop the ability to weather and recover gracefully from the almost inevitable breaches.
December 2016
Simulating cybersecurity events is one of the best ways for companies to both prevent attacks and prepare for attacks that do occur, according to research by BCG and MIT.