by The Boston Consulting Group



January 2017
Shifting economics have enabled direct manufacturing costs in the US to reach parity with those in China. To capitalize on this, the US must act.
December 2016
Manufacturers are selectively implementing elements of the factory of the future. Those that transition to full-scale adoption will usher in a new era of industrial operations.
December 2016
To reverse the downward trend in productivity, US manufacturers need to use new digital and analytic tools to turbocharge their productivity improvement programs.

Technology & Digital

January 2017
Because no organization’s cyberdefenses are 100% impenetrable, companies need to develop the ability to weather and recover gracefully from the almost inevitable breaches.
January 2017
The B2B market for the Internet of Things is poised to take off. Which business applications will drive IoT growth over the next five years?
December 2016
Two complementary technologies—blockchain and digital tokens—give data the continuity of physical assets and help solve the challenges of digital identity and trust. And they have the potential to wipe out the middleman across a wide swath of industries.
December 2016
Successful digital companies make explicit design changes in five dimensions of their businesses: customer experience, product and service offerings, ecosystems, control and alignment mechanisms, and ways of working.

Managing Change

January 2017
Change programs have become more prevalent and complex, but the results are often disappointing. Enter the Change Delta, a versatile approach based on the principles of Smart Simplicity.
July 2016
A simple matrix can generate valuable discussions on the risk, complexity, and urgency of change efforts, bringing clarity to the decision-making process.

Oil & Gas

January 2017
North American refiners enjoyed smooth sailing from 2010 through 2015. The backdrop for these businesses turned much less supportive in 2016.
March 2016
Oil and gas companies face a far wider—potentially more severe—spectrum of cyberthreats than companies in most other industries.
February 2016
Can the world’s leading international oil and gas companies turn a crisis of value creation into an opportunity to reinvent business models?