The $10 Trillion Prize

The $10 Trillion Prize


The $10 Trillion Prize

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The New Consumers

March 2013
Soaring consumption in China and India offers opportunity as well as risk: heightened demand for commodities will “boomerang” worldwide, leading to resource shortages, inflation, and conflict.
December 2012
China and India are in the midst of a revolution in growth—not unlike the U.S. economy in its early days—and volatility is part of the bargain.
October 2012
Millions of women from all walks of life are powering the female economy in China and India—and driving growth for the companies that serve them.
September 2012
The Hindi phrase for “money's worth” can become a company's watchword in creating products that deliver value—and attracting consumers who become its advocates.

The New Competitors

September 2012
Entrepreneurs in China and India are creating multifaceted companies with astounding growth targets. Their extraordinary confidence, energy, and determination will make them formidable global competitors.
November 2012
BCG’s E4 Index measures the relative competitiveness of a country’s educational system. China and India could create powerful engines of economic growth by addressing four key areas.

From the Book

September 2012
This short overview provides vital statistics on China and India and introduces a few of the consumers and entrepreneurs who are powering these dynamic markets.
September 2012
Reading from The $10 Trillion Prize, BCG Fellow Michael Silverstein warns against complacency in the face of intense competition from strivers in China and India.
The Talent Challenge
May 2012
Skilled talent is incredibly scarce in China. To find and keep the right set of employees, companies must understand the context of China’s talent market.
April 2012
With skilled employees so rare in many emerging markets, companies will have to invest more in professionalizing their talent-management strategy.