Technology & Digital

May 2016
Manufacturers of everything from medical devices to farm equipment recognize the big opportunities in software solutions. But to succeed, they need radically different business models.
May 2016
Companies that follow a fact-based approach to addressing data, functional, and technical complexity in IT can avoid many of the hazards that derail simplification and transformation initiatives.
March 2016
Corporate IT departments could play a vital role in their companies’ digital campaigns. But to secure that position, they will have to develop new capabilities and expertise.
September 2015
Companies that have delayed implementing digital technology need to get off the sidelines. A three-step transformation framework can help them determine where to start, how to manage the process, and how to generate sustainable progress.

Organizing for Excellence

April 2016
Real life isn't simple; rather, it's complex and even messy. The same is true for business. Avoid watchwords like focus, streamline, and lean. Develop a truly diverse organization.


May 2016
Investors see the link between sustainability and performance, but few companies can offer them a compelling sustainability story. Research from BCG and MIT Sloan Management Review probes the disconnect.
May 2015
BCG’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment evaluates how effectively countries convert wealth into well-being relative to other countries—and raises important questions in the field of development.