Technology & Innovation

April 2015
The first generation of autonomous vehicles is coming soon to a highway near you. Is the automotive industry ready for a revolution?
March 2015
As industries are disrupted by new entrants and business models, leaders must take action in five areas.
October 2014
Five organizing principles can help companies sharpen their innovation edge—and promote sustained, value-creating growth.

Financial Services

April 2015
BCG’s fifth annual operational-excellence benchmarking reveals that the world’s smartest retail banks are gaining advantage by becoming “bionic,” blending digital innovation and technology with a human touch.
March 2015
Retail banks today must provide digital functionality for speed and convenience, as well as thoughtful human interaction when the customer demands it. Retail banks must become, in a word, bionic.

Spotlight on India

April 2015
Understanding the changes taking place in Internet use in India is essential for doing business in what will soon be the world’s second-largest nation of connected consumers.
April 2015
The average consumer in India spends three to five hours a day using media. Digital consumers already spend 35 percent of that time online.
September 2014
Companies have struggled to measure the impact of word of mouth. BCG’s Brand Advocacy Index provides a strategic metric that measures advocacy with much greater precision than existing approaches do.


April 2015
In this new era of drastic change, nothing is sacred. It's a mistake for companies to cling to their so-called corporate DNA if they want to endure.
November 2014
Transformation is now an imperative for most companies, necessitating fundamental change in strategy, operating model, organization, people, and processes. The right approach comprises three steps.
December 2013
To generate sustained growth in today’s environment, companies must transform their businesses preemptively, not defensively.
October 2013
Many corporate-transformation efforts fail to deliver lasting competitive advantage. BCG has identified the factors that lead to successful transformations—and the common traps that characterize failures.