June 2016
Despite economic volatility, consumers’ spending patterns in China are holding up: good news for companies that understand the shifts underway.
December 2015
Despite its slowing economy, demographic, social, and technology trends ensure that China will remain one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer markets for the foreseeable future.
Consumer Insights
June 2016
BCG polled 11,127 consumers across 11 African countries to discover their attitudes, budgeting, and spending behaviors and the effect of different income levels on what they buy.
June 2016
A comprehensive BCG survey looks at the purchasing power, brand preferences, and shopping patterns of Cuba’s consumers and foresees a market that will become increasingly attractive over time.
Big Data & Advanced Analytics
June 2016
“Data misuse” represents a previously hidden obstacle to successfully unleashing the trillion-dollar opportunity of big data.
October 2015
Powered by exponential forces, digital disruption requires executives to make the most of today’s contests while positioning themselves to win tomorrow’s.
June 2015
Companies can get their big-data house in order by adopting a systematic approach to total data-quality management.


June 2016
Companies can generate sustainable gains using a structured approach that includes a comprehensive definition of capabilities, critical practices, and explicit support from leaders.
November 2015
Across virtually all industries, unprecedented disruption and market turbulence are requiring organizations to launch more frequent transformations in response.
September 2015
Companies that have delayed implementing digital technology need to get off the sidelines. A three-step transformation framework can help them determine where to start, how to manage the process, and how to generate sustainable progress.
May 2015
New CEOs and senior executives often take over with a mandate for change. A structured four-step process can help them launch a transformation program and improve performance in a sustainable way.

Financial Services

June 2016
The banking industry’s structure is moving to industry stacks, reflecting a shift from competition among vertically integrated companies to horizontal competition at each layer of the banking business.
June 2016
BCG’s 16th annual study of the global wealth management industry offers a comprehensive analysis of market size, keys to profitability, and the tough choices that institutions confront today.
May 2016
Retail banks must develop digital capabilities that radically simplify their businesses while improving customer experience. This mandate for digital simplicity emerges from BCG’s report on global retail-banking excellence.
What's Next for Telcos
June 2016
Online and on-demand services that enable TV viewing anytime, anywhere offer a tempting—and potentially lucrative—opportunity for telcos.
December 2015
If mobile-network providers respond wisely to Wi-Fi First—in which mobile devices rely primarily on Wi-Fi, and cellular merely offers backup—the model may not become disruptive.