Spotlight on Asia

January 2015
Chinese companies have made great strides on the global stage in the past decade. But to become global leaders, they must hone new competitive advantages.
October 2014
Companies are remarkably bullish about how the economic integration of the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will affect their businesses and industries.
March 2013
The universe of middle-class and affluent consumers in Indonesia is growing in size and purchasing power, creating a significant opportunity over the coming decade.
December 2013
The middle and affluent class is growing faster in Vietnam and Myanmar than in any other Southeast Asian nation.


April 2015
In this new era of drastic change, nothing is sacred. It's a mistake for companies to cling to their so-called corporate DNA if they want to endure.
November 2014
Transformation is now an imperative for most companies, necessitating fundamental change in strategy, operating model, organization, people, and processes. The right approach comprises three steps.
December 2013
To generate sustained growth in today’s environment, companies must transform their businesses preemptively, not defensively.
October 2013
Many corporate-transformation efforts fail to deliver lasting competitive advantage. BCG has identified the factors that lead to successful transformations—and the common traps that characterize failures.
Digital Infrastructure
April 2015
Analyzing the major causes of e-friction and how different countries have addressed similar challenges reveals ways to “grease the wheels” of the Internet economy.
March 2015
There will be more than 1 billion new Internet users by 2020. Will the digital infrastructure be able to keep up with demand?
April 2015
Scale benefits from consolidating national platforms have long been elusive for telcos. But an approach that learns from past mistakes and utilizes new technologies can bring results.
May 2014
The 2013 survey of telco industry participants shows telcos spending more on IT—and focusing investments on projects that support innovation and enhanced customer service.


April 2015
Industry 4.0 will make production systems up to 30 percent faster and 25 percent more efficient and elevate mass customization to new levels.
April 2015
Lean-engineering champions are developing better products, reducing development time by up to six months, and staying 35 percent closer to products' target costs.
January 2015
Technological developments and a pressing need to boost productivity are likely to accelerate the adoption of new advanced-manufacturing technologies, which could transform many industries.