by The Boston Consulting Group


The New Mobility

September 2016
The advent of AVs could affect passenger rail travel as profoundly as the automobile did 125 years ago. Rail executives should take four actions to prepare for an AV future.
April 2015
The first generation of autonomous vehicles is coming soon to a highway near you. Is the automotive industry ready for a revolution?
July 2016
Cities are where self-driving vehicles can fundamentally change—for the better—how people live, work, and get around. The question is, how big will the urban self-driving revolution be?
The Service Business
September 2016
Advances in technology are poised to revolutionize the provision of services. Service companies must make well-informed choices along a continuum of options to determine the right transformation path.
March 2016
Digitization is becoming an imperative for service providers, offering numerous productivity improvement opportunities for existing services and many options for creating new services and business models.

Public Sector

September 2016
The US presidential transition is a massive task. Success depends on taking four actions, including starting the process immediately after the conventions and setting clear goals.

Technology & Digital

September 2016
To successfully navigate a digital transformation—and fend off digital attackers—companies must focus on three objectives: gaining speed, scaling rapidly, and delivering superior value.
September 2016
Boards are in a unique position to address cyberresilience. How? The World Economic Forum spoke with experts to find out.
October 2015
Powered by exponential forces, digital disruption requires executives to make the most of today’s contests while positioning themselves to win tomorrow’s.