September 2015
Internet natives pioneered the use of self-tuning algorithms, but the lessons are relevant for a broad array of companies trying to keep up with unpredictable markets.
April 2015
In this new era of drastic change, nothing is sacred. It's a mistake for companies to cling to their so-called corporate DNA if they want to endure.
June 2015
In a live chat on LinkedIn, BCG’s Martin Reeves, a senior partner and director of the Bruce Henderson Institute, shared his take on strategy today.


September 2015
The use of advanced industrial robots is nearing takeoff, producing lower labor costs, boosting productivity, and changing the competitiveness of major manufacturing economies.
August 2014
Although worldwide spending on robots is expected to reach $67 billion by 2025, few companies have thought about how this megatrend will affect their operations and competitive position.

IT Excellence

September 2015

Erwin Logt, FrieslandCampina’s CIO, wants his organization to become a strategic partner to his colleagues, providing rock-solid technology services and generating distinctive value through IT-driven business transformation.

July 2015
Without an explicit focus on getting their IT function fit, organizations will struggle to reap the rewards of a technology-enabled transformation.
May 2015
Many directors are not technology experts, hindering a board’s ability to evaluate IT risks and opportunities. By implementing three strategies, CIOs can help directors fulfill their oversight role.

Marketing & Sales

September 2015
Research shows that marketers face big gaps in essential digital skills. Closing them will require a transformation in marketing functions and in learning and development programs.
September 2015
Contrary to popular belief, consumers are not enigmatic. Asking the right questions can help you pinpoint the real drivers of consumer choice.
September 2015
Word-of-mouth recommendations offer a critical way to measure and improve a company’s performance—and ultimately to boost growth.
August 2015
Apostle brands like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks represent a new class of brand winners. They also highlight important lessons for converting customers into diehard followers and ardent advocates.

The Auto Industry

September 2015
Advanced technologies could slash the 33,000 fatalities caused annually by traffic accidents in the US—if consumers would use them. Here’s how to spur adoption.
September 2015
Widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles could benefit society in numerous ways. But first, stakeholders must collaborate to clear technical, legal, and regulatory roadblocks.
April 2015
The first generation of autonomous vehicles is coming soon to a highway near you. Is the automotive industry ready for a revolution?
M&A and China
September 2015
Chinese acquirers complete just 67 percent of their outbound M&A deals, often because of flawed strategies and ineffective deal management. Here’s how to improve that record.
January 2015
Successful M&A in China is not easy. Two steps are particularly daunting: regulatory approval and postmerger integration. But experience shows that both can be successfully managed.