May 2015
New CEOs and senior executives often take over with a mandate for change. A structured four-step process can help them launch a transformation program and improve performance in a sustainable way.
November 2014
Transformation is now an imperative for most companies, necessitating fundamental change in strategy, operating model, organization, people, and processes. The right approach comprises three steps.
November 2014
Transformations are difficult. Five real-world examples show the range of benefits that accrue to companies that can implement them successfully.
The CIO Agenda
May 2015

Many directors are not technology experts, hindering a board’s ability to evaluate IT risks and opportunities. By implementing three strategies, CIOs can help directors fulfill their oversight role.

May 2015
The chances of successfully delivering a large-scale IT project are small for most companies. How can they tip the odds in their favor?

Digital Disruption

April 2015

Three distinct waves of digital disruption have transformed information economics—and are challenging traditional notions of economies of scale. The new strategies this shift enables have the power to break the compromise between efficiency and innovation and to reshape entire industries.

May 2015

More than 120 senior executives from across Europe gathered in Barcelona for BCG’s Strategy Leadership Summit. Here’s what they discussed.

March 2015

As industries are disrupted by new entrants and business models, leaders must take action in five areas.

March 2014

The third generation of the commercial Internet is enabling new, disruptive strategic moves. BCG Fellow Philip Evans discusses their potential to reshape industries.

Creating Value
May 2015

There’s been a small but noticeable increase in bullishness—an indication, perhaps, that investors see global equity markets entering a new period of stability.

March 2015
In 2014, global equity markets slowed somewhat but still delivered healthy returns, suggesting that the recent expansion in market values is proving to be reasonably robust.

Retail Sector

May 2015
Many retailers struggle with pricing strategy, technology, and decision making. Some have trouble getting started; others rush in. Here’s a roadmap to avoid costly mistakes.
September 2014
Retail chains can boost performance with a store-led approach, blending teams of empowered managers with systematic “stores of learning” initiatives and disciplined, hub-based rollouts.
August 2014
Consumers’ growing preference for “click and collect” shopping is putting a premium on the speed, accuracy, and reliability of retailers’ supply chains and in-store processes.