The Rocket Series

September 2015
Contrary to popular belief, consumers are not enigmatic. Asking the right questions can help you pinpoint the real drivers of consumer choice.
October 2015
No one has ever dramatically changed a market by offering timid, incremental improvements. To win, you need to take giant leaps.
August 2015
Apostle brands like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks represent a new class of brand winners. They also highlight important lessons for converting customers into diehard followers and ardent advocates.

Financial Services

October 2015

BCG’s thirteenth annual study of the global payments business offers a comprehensive overview of the industry, along with recommendations on how banks can stay competitive.

July 2015
BCG’s thirteenth annual global asset-management study found that assets and profits hit record levels, but growth isn’t a given in a challenging new competitive environment.
May 2015
BCG’s fourth annual capital markets report explores key market developments, the evolution of digital technology in the industry, and the steps that investment banks must take to thrive in today’s extremely challenging environment.

Industry 4.0

September 2015
Industry 4.0 will help people remain in or return to the workforce. More jobs will be gained than lost, but workers will require significantly different skills.
September 2015
The use of advanced industrial robots is nearing takeoff, lowering labor costs, boosting productivity, and changing the competitiveness of major manufacturing economies.
April 2015
Industry 4.0 will make production systems up to 30 percent faster and 25 percent more efficient and elevate mass customization to new levels.


September 2015
Internet natives pioneered the use of self-tuning algorithms, but the lessons are relevant for a broad array of companies trying to keep up with unpredictable markets.
April 2015
In this new era of drastic change, nothing is sacred. It's a mistake for companies to cling to their so-called corporate DNA if they want to endure.
June 2015
In a live chat on LinkedIn, BCG’s Martin Reeves, a senior partner and director of the Bruce Henderson Institute, shared his take on strategy today.
Travel & Tourism
October 2015
Companies employing revenue management have experienced revenue increases of up to 10 percent. But individual companies vary widely in their performance.
April 2014
Some companies generate up to 60 percent of revenues from loyalty program members. Clearly, boosting the “loyalty margin” can have a dramatic impact on sales and profits.