by The Boston Consulting Group


Big Data & Analytics

July 2016
How to tap into new sources of power and knowledge by upgrading your analytics arsenal and leading the change in behavior that you expect of your people.
June 2016
Data misuse represents a previously hidden obstacle to successfully unleashing the trillion-dollar opportunity of big data.
June 2015
Companies can get their big-data house in order by adopting a systematic approach to total data-quality management.

Social Impact

July 2016
Growth can be a way for nonprofits to increase their impact, but a solid foundation must be in place. Six questions will help you assess your readiness.
July 2016
BCG research revealed distinct differences between organizations that innovate successfully and those that struggle to make progress. Seven guidelines provide a way forward.

Sustainable Development

July 2016
By developing innovative business models, companies can increase people's access to financial services. Doing that will also increase their well-being, according to BCG's Sustainable Economic Development Assessment.
April 2016
Nigeria boasts natural resources and a young, entrepreneurial population. Specific improvements in infrastructure, education, and health will help the country harness those advantages.
March 2016
Vietnam is among the global leaders in converting wealth into the well-being of citizens. But to maintain its rapid progress, the country must address three key challenges.
March 2016
Nobel Laureate A. Michael Spence shares with BCG partner Douglas Beal his views on the importance of good governance.

Marketing & Sales

July 2016
An approach called demand-centric growth helps companies boost revenues and profits and reverse declining sales and margins. It can be applied wherever consumers make choices.
May 2016
Technology can help companies improve customer service by tracking the channels customers have used and the information they’ve shared about their needs and problems.
April 2016
Business executives may say that customers are a priority, but many companies—especially large, established ones—miss the crucial signals that customers provide.

The New Mobility

July 2016
Cities are where self-driving vehicles can fundamentally change—for the better—how people live, work, and get around. The question is, how big will the urban self-driving revolution be?
February 2016
Car sharing is disrupting the automotive market. While not a game changer, it will reduce new-vehicle sales by about 1% by 2021.