The Retail Sector

February 2015
Digital technologies in stores can help retailers improve operations and help customers shop faster and smarter. BCG explains the organizational changes needed to bring digital into stores.
December 2014
The retail industry—including eight U.S. companies among the sector's top ten—delivered sizable value to investors from 2009 through 2013, despite a volatile business environment.
August 2014
Consumers’ growing preference for “click and collect” shopping is putting a premium on the speed, accuracy, and reliability of retailers’ supply chains and in-store processes.

Big Data & Beyond

January 2015
Big data and advanced analytics represent the next frontier of supply chain innovation. Three opportunities offer high potential.
March 2014
Correlations spill out of big data, but they’re not always ironclad. In a blog published on, David Ritter explains why causality still matters.
May 2014
The challenges of big data may seem as outsized as its potential. But by developing six key capabilities, businesses can realize big data’s full promise.
December 2013
Big data is transforming business. But the transformation isn’t complete without the element of speed. Learn how fast data unleashes the power of big data.

The Internet Economy

February 2015

By 2017, the mobile Internet will generate revenues of $1.55 trillion in the 13 countries that account for 70 percent of world GDP.

December 2014
In the EU5, the mobile Internet economy generated about €90 billion ($120 billion) in revenue in 2013 and an economic surplus for consumers of almost €770 billion ($1 trillion).
January 2014
The BCG e-Friction Index quantifies the factors inhibiting growth in the Internet economy, so policymakers, businesses, and other stakeholders can “grease the wheels” by addressing friction sources.


February 2015
A scenario-based approach allows manufacturers to assess the implications of their make-or-buy decisions across product lines and manufacturing locations.
January 2015
Technological developments and a pressing need to boost productivity are likely to accelerate the adoption of new advanced-manufacturing technologies, which could transform many industries.
August 2014
Manufacturing cost structures around the world have changed so dramatically in a decade that many old perceptions of low-cost and high-cost nations no longer hold.
Focus on Africa