August 2015
Apostle brands like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks represent a new class of brand winners. They also highlight important lessons for converting customers into diehard followers and ardent advocates.
October 2014
Business model innovation is a powerful approach to driving growth and to capturing a more durable competitive advantage. Four success stories point the way.
January 2014
How have some companies found growth despite the odds? BCG research offers lessons from “uphill growers.”

Metals & Mining

August 2015
Creating value remains a challenge for mining companies. Productivity programs that focus only on efficiency in physical assets are not enough.
June 2015
Mineral exploration worldwide is in crisis. Mining companies that shift their focus from productivity to an integrated approach that restores greenfield exploration will come out ahead.
August 2015

While many still believe that a near- to medium-term price recovery will revalidate mining companies’ current business models, BCG has a more bearish perspective.

Value Creators

August 2015
What’s next for engineering, construction, and services companies as oil prices head south? The industry is in for a long, tough slog—just like the past few years.
July 2015

The 2015 BCG Value Creators rankings list the top ten companies worldwide and in 27 industrial sectors on the basis of TSR performance for the five years from 2010 through 2014.

July 2015

When it comes to value creation, companies can learn a lot from those that deliver superior TSR relative to their peers despite strong economic headwinds. 

Big Data & Beyond
Technology & Talent

Financial Services

July 2015
BCG’s thirteenth annual global asset-management study found that assets and profits hit record levels, but growth isn’t a given in a challenging new competitive environment.
May 2015
New insurance-industry ecosystems, driven by disruptive digital technologies, could put unprepared insurers at risk, according to a report by BCG and Morgan Stanley Research.
March 2015
Retail banks today must provide digital functionality for speed and convenience, as well as thoughtful human interaction when the customer demands it. Retail banks must become, in a word, bionic.
February 2015
Wealth managers have been reluctant to adopt digitization despite its huge potential. As a result, they face a growing digital dilemma: embrace change now or have it thrust upon them.