by The Boston Consulting Group


Artificial Intelligence

January 2017
How can business leaders harness AI to take advantage of the specific strengths of man and machine?
November 2016
The world is in the midst of a revolutionary era whose potential for human progress and cultural and scientific change is as great as that of the Renaissance in Europe 500 years ago.
April 2016
Technology has gotten better and smarter, but can it develop and implement business strategy? Not on its own. To advance strategy, artificial intelligence must unite with human intelligence.

Consumer Value Creators

January 2017
In a slow-growth environment, retail companies that reliably create value are insulated from e-commerce and exposed to high-growth developing markets, and they continually evolve their business model, aiming for a winning formula.
December 2016
High-end luxury brands may seem alluring, but over the past five years, the most reliable value creators in the fashion and luxury industry have been mass-market players.
December 2016

Nondurables companies seeking to deliver returns to their shareholders need to get back to fundamentals—strong brand portfolios, core capabilities, and business systems that give them an edge.

Technology & Digital

January 2017
Boards can play a critical role in maximizing an organization’s cyberresilience—its ability to weather and recover gracefully from almost inevitable security breaches.
January 2017
Digitally enabled delivery is poised to produce the most substantial market disruption ever in the restaurant industry, profoundly impacting brands whether they choose to play or not.
January 2017
The B2B market for the Internet of Things is poised to take off. Which business applications will drive IoT growth over the next five years?
December 2016
Digital tokens and blockchains, two distinct but complementary technologies, waste cheap storage to give data the continuity of real-world assets. Bitcoin is just the first application.

Managing Change

January 2017
Change programs have become more prevalent and complex, but the results are often disappointing. Enter the Change Delta, a versatile approach based on the principles of Smart Simplicity.
July 2016
A simple matrix can generate valuable discussions on the risk, complexity, and urgency of change efforts, bringing clarity to the decision-making process.