by The Boston Consulting Group


Organizing for Excellence

February 2017
In an increasingly complex world, many companies act in ways that increase their complicatedness. Instead, they should simplify, using an approach that fundamentally changes employee behaviors.
February 2017
More and more US companies are adopting paid family leave policies. The reason: there is a sound business case for offering the benefit, including improved employee retention.
November 2016
Frontline leaders can have a huge impact on their teams, on an organization's overall performance, and on customer satisfaction, yet most companies fail to develop them effectively. A three-step program can help.
January 2014
In this energetic talk, Yves offers six rules for "smart simplicity." (Rule One: Understand what your colleagues actually do.)

Commodity Trading

January 2017
Digital forces are deconstructing commodity trading’s value chain—and, in the process, changing what it takes for traders to succeed.
November 2016
The trend toward hyperliquidity in commodity markets is creating an environment increasingly removed from commodity traders’ comfort zone.

Hedge Funds & Private Equity

February 2017
The standard hedge fund business model is coming under pressures that will ultimately transform the way hedge funds operate. Adapting now can help ensure survival.
October 2016
The looming changes give an opening to PE firms, but only if they’re adept at value-added transformation. Some UK sectors are especially attractive.
February 2016
Research on how add-on acquisitions enhance portfolio companies points to several lessons: small is beautiful, experience pays, crossing borders creates value, and depth is better than breadth.

Marketing, Sales & Pricing

February 2017
Marketers still have trouble demonstrating the value they create, despite all the data, tools, and analytics available today. Five rules help link measurement to business outcomes.
February 2017
Insights from the lifetime customer value (LTV)/customer acquisition cost (CAC) ratio help guide the investment and operation decisions of subscription businesses.
November 2016
Turning a customer insight function into a source of competitive advantage isn’t necessarily about spending more. It’s about spending smarter.
July 2016
An approach called demand-centric growth helps companies boost revenues and profits and reverse declining sales and margins. It can be applied wherever consumers make choices.

Engineering & Construction

February 2017
Building information modeling is about much more than object libraries. Materials companies can use BIM to showcase their capabilities, develop new offerings, and move into services.
March 2016
Productivity in the engineering and construction industry has long been stagnating. By leveraging digital technologies, companies are now making big leaps.

Innovation Trends

January 2017
Leading companies are increasingly pursuing innovation strategies that complement internal development with external sourcing. Overcoming the not-invented-here mindset can strengthen a company’s advantage and speed time to market.
January 2017
Strong innovators are far more likely than weak innovators to tap multiple external sources for new ideas. The key is knowing where—and how—to look.
January 2017
Identifying external innovation opportunities is only half the battle. Companies also need the structures, systems, and mindset to embrace and develop them.