Marketing & Sales

October 2015

To increase their agility, chief marketing officers require very different capabilities and structures than were needed in the past.

September 2015
Research shows that marketers face big gaps in essential digital skills. Closing them will require a transformation in marketing functions and in learning and development programs.
September 2015
Word-of-mouth recommendations offer a critical way to measure and improve a company’s performance—and ultimately to boost growth.
August 2015
Apostle brands like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks represent a new class of brand winners. They also highlight important lessons for converting customers into diehard followers and ardent advocates.

Focus on India

April 2015
Understanding Indians’ changing use of the Internet is essential for doing business in what will soon be the world’s second-largest nation of connected consumers.
April 2015
The average consumer in India spends three to five hours a day using media. Digital consumers already spend 35 percent of that time online.
October 2015
By modeling changes in the drivers of supply and demand, companies and investors in natural-resource-based industries can generate a range of pricing scenarios—and make savvier strategic choices.
April 2013
A BCG survey revealed the top hedging challenges that senior procurement executives face. This article reviews the survey’s findings and offers guidelines for addressing those challenges.

Financial Services

October 2015

BCG’s thirteenth annual study of the global payments business offers a comprehensive overview of the industry, along with recommendations on how banks can stay competitive.

July 2015
BCG’s thirteenth annual global asset-management study found that assets and profits hit record levels, but growth isn’t a given in a challenging new competitive environment.
May 2015
BCG’s fourth annual capital markets report explores key market developments, the evolution of digital technology in the industry, and the steps that investment banks must take to thrive in today’s extremely challenging environment.
The Auto Industry