March 2015
The sharp decrease in oil prices has material implications for natural-gas markets. But markets will not react uniformly.
January 2015
Oil prices have plummeted to levels not seen since the financial crisis. What does this mean for oil and gas companies and other stakeholders?
July 2014
Improving economics and innovation are driving the growth of distributed energy. Utilities must respond proactively to this rising threat by leveraging their many advantages.

Financial Services

March 2015
Retail banks today must provide digital functionality for speed and convenience, as well as thoughtful human interaction when the customer demands it. Retail banks must become, in a word, bionic.
March 2015
BCG’s latest report on the global corporate banking industry examines current trends and outlines the steps that players must take to thrive in an increasingly challenging environment.
September 2014
One of the most frequent reasons for financial institutions’ underperformance when it comes to lean programs is an insufficient understanding of the role that culture change plays.

Talent & Leadership

March 2015
The power of the index lies in its simplicity: a 20-question survey that precisely identifies a company's leadership and talent management capabilities and quantifies the revenue and profit gains it can expect by moving from one level to the next.
October 2014
A survey conducted by BCG and The Network shows that 64 percent of workers around the world would take a job abroad—and generally not for economic reasons. For HR executives, the emerging trends have huge implications.
November 2014
Corporate boards seem increasingly willing to appoint CEOs who are relatively unseasoned but forward-looking executives. The success of such fast-track promotions relies heavily on a rigorous CEO-readiness program.
July 2014
Significant imbalances in the demand for labor and its supply threaten 25 of the world’s major economies. Here are BCG’s projections—country by country—along with proposed remedies.


March 2015
All too often in many countries, students do not get the education they must have to prosper in the twenty-first century. Education technology can help close this skills gap.
June 2014
Institutions that adapt to the still-emerging demands that students and parents have begun placing on online education will tap into new sources of growth and innovation.
April 2014
U.S. universities and colleges face a host of challenges. But a number of large and small experiments across the nation point the way forward.