by The Boston Consulting Group


Big Data and Advanced Analytics

October 2016
Companies are on a collision course with consumers over data privacy. The lack of alignment has real consequences.
September 2016
Data lakes are inviting. Nimble and flexible, they can optimize big data. To use them well, organizations must understand their strengths and limitations and implement them wisely.

Private Equity

October 2016
The looming changes give an opening to PE firms, but only if they’re adept at value-added transformation. Some UK sectors are especially attractive.
February 2016
Research on how add-on acquisitions enhance portfolio companies points to several lessons: small is beautiful, experience pays, crossing borders creates value, and depth is better than breadth.

Transportation & Logistics

October 2016
Recent BCG research points to a wide range of success factors for transportation and logistics companies seeking to achieve the elusive goal of profitable growth.
September 2016
The advent of AVs could affect passenger rail travel as profoundly as the automobile did 125 years ago. Rail executives should take four actions to prepare for an AV future.
June 2015
As much as 10% of container traffic between East Asia and the US could shift from West Coast ports to East Coast ports by 2020.

Technology & Digital

October 2016
Senior executives must understand how their company’s returns on technology investments stack up against those of competitors.
October 2016
Contrary to popular perception, the technology economy does display a close relationship with GDP, productivity, and other measures of economic health—if you look closely.
September 2016
To successfully navigate a digital transformation—and fend off digital attackers—companies must focus on three objectives: gaining speed, scaling rapidly, and delivering superior value.
October 2015
Powered by exponential forces, digital disruption requires executives to make the most of today’s contests while positioning themselves to win tomorrow’s.